The Utah Building and Construction Trades Council is made up of 16 member unions from across the state and region. Our highly skilled tradespeople make up an important part of Utah’s growing economy and have been an integral part of the development and construction across the state. Our men and women are not only skilled craftspeople, but they are important parts of their community and are involved at various levels in the communities in which they live and work.

A Proud History
The U.B.C.T.C. has been part of Utah for over 100 years. Our legacy is part of the foundation of the state and we pride ourselves in our work as we move forward.

Our Work Stands On Its Own
From the roads on which we drive, the sporting venues throughout the state, or the many skyscrapers in our cities, union labor has been at the foundation of it.

Skilled Labor At Its Finest
Our skilled craftsmen and women are highly trained. They will not only complete a project, but they will do so in a timely and safe manner.